10 emotion reactions following Elimination Chamber 2017


With two major title changes, an imposing new structure in the main event, and a host of WrestleMania teases, SmackDown Live! delivered yet another engaging supershow that brought the best out of several members of the fledgling roster.

Resisting the temptation to put all their eggs in one basket with the return of the Elimination Chamber itself, the card was loaded with every major conflict currently under scrutiny on the blue brand.


Finding room for nearly every key performer and breaking a company record in booking three separate and competitive women's singles matches, WWE seemed determined to place improved focus on the Tuesday crew following a grossly unfair leaning towards Monday Night Raw in the build-up to January's mammoth Royal Rumble.


But did the show achieve everything it set out to do, and crucially, is 'The Showcase of the Immortals' now looking better or worse for Sunday's nights happenings?


Breaking down the good, the bad, and the Kalisto, here are 10 emotion reactions following Elimination Chamber.