205 Live Recap & Results: Together Again

Bad time for a comeback
Its been months since we last saw Puerto Rican Luchador sensation Lince Dorado compete inside the purple roped ring. The booking for the match itself was predictable and horrible, partially because the re-christend TJP is on the ascent, so booking him strongly is a necessity at this point.

Though it was a bad way to book a Lince Dorado return, the match itself was fairly decent given how the two competitors have a taste for flash and showmanship. The match was fairly even on paper in pace, style, and fluidity, but the difference maker was in the rage apparent in every move of the Fil-Am Flash, even committing the ultimate insult in trying to remove Dorado's mask on multiple occasions.

Dorado retaliated with a flurry of offense but another mask removal attempt later, the Golden Lynx found himself in Perkins' patented kneebar, being forced to submit. Whether borrowing the underhanded style of his quasi-mentor Neville will finally get TJP another title opportunity remains to be seen.

Say NO to high flying
In a classic aerial vs technical matchup, Mustafa Ali finally had the chance to get his hands on Drew Gulak who has cost him victories twice already. Gulak is having an advocacy of his own to stop performing for the fans as he said that they do not care for a wrestler's well being anyway and are only concerned about their own delight which in Ali's case is his high-flying style of offense.

Gulak seemed to have his point proven in the match as his style of offense kept the young Ali at bay. The resiliency of Ali ignited hopes of a rally, but just as he was about to hit his opponent with a Frog Splash, Gulak was able to block the impact with his knees and eventually securing the pinfall.

Now that Gulak had proven his point, would this propel him to the heights of what is the Cruiserweight Championship? Or will he still go through some of the "show-offs" lined up for the title?

Together Again
There are two important things that stood out in this match. One is the fact that Noam Dar has proven he could be a main eventer even on a 205 Live level and the second is what happened after his match with Rich Swann.

Rich Swann attempted to defend the honor of his friend, Cedric Alexander, who previously feuded with Noam Dar over the hand of Alicia Fox. Meanwhile, Dar was trying to defend a bedridden relationship which Swann screwed up with his smartly plotted revenge plan.

With regards to the match, Swann utilized his experience and power advantage to keep Dar at bay, but after a brief rally from the Scottish Supernova, Swann saw his knees being the focal point of Dar's offense. Swann tried to defend from further damage at the cost of his arm, which became the new target for Dar, but the Scottish Supernova capitalized on the damage he dealt with his patented running kick to secure the victory.

Speaking about the second thing that stood out, Alicia Fox joined Dar in celebrating his victory and hugged him, which could only imply that they are getting back together.