A new puppy for champion Michael Bisping

It’s been a rough few months for former middleweight champion Michael Bisping after the death of his beloved dog and back-to-back losses.

Though it seems things may be turning around for The Count, as his wife has just surprised him with a brand new puppy.

Rebecca posted a video of Bisping as he returned home from his loss to Kelvin Gastelum. The middleweight had just arrived from his long flight from Shanghai, China to be greeted by a brand new German Shepard puppy.

“Oh my God,” Bisping exclaimed when he saw his wife with the massive puppy in her arms. “What have you done? Without me knowing.”

The dog, which had been handed over to Bisping began to lick his face and the former champions mood lightened.

“Oh my God, bless him, he’s beautiful,” he said.

The Bisping family suffered the death of their dog back in April, and Bisping was apparently heartbroken. His wife took it upon herself to surprise him with the puppy; he could use the pick me up.

Bisping suffered one of the most shocking losses of 2017 after he was defeated by former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre on Nov. 4.

He lost the middleweight title and then promptly picked up another fight — this time filling in for Anderson Silva at UFC Shanghai. He was defeated via a first-round knockout but gained respect for stepping in on short notice.

Bisping had toyed with retirement prior to the St-Pierre fight but has said that he is not quite ready to hang up those gloves.

He obtained the middleweight title after defeated Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 in one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. He would go on to defend the title against Dan Henderson before facing St-Pierre.