After A Red-Hot WrestleMania Weekend, The New Day Will Produce WWE’s Next Top Star

The New Day should probably never break up. There’s simply too much momentum for this unit to do anything but continue to captivate audiences together. What began as an awkward, babyface group of motivational speakers is now a brand unto itself.

It seems that even the silliest jokes made by the New Day quickly become hot sellers, from unicorn horns, to New Day Socks to Booty O’s cereal. In fact, the Booty O’s t-shirt, which retails at $24.99, is currently the top seller in all of The New Day Socks ($5.99) are No. 6, the New Day beanie ($11.99) is No. 24 and the unicorn horn ($14.99) is the fourth New Day item in the top-30 at No. 29.

It’s clear, from fan reactions and merchandise sales, that WWE has three bona-fide stars in the making. And much like Degeneration-X, Evolution and The Shield produced main event talent, so will the New Day.

In an era where most heroes and villains split the audience, everybody seems to be on the same page about this entertaining trio. No member of the New Day had a prolific independent wrestling career. Yet even wrestling journalists and hardcore fans, who tend to be embarrassingly biased toward those with an independent wrestling background, are united in their praise of WWE’s hottest act.