AJ Styles faces Randy Orton on SmackDown to determine Bray Wyatt’s WrestleMania challenger

WWE just announced that, for the third straight week, SmackDown will have a match designed to determine the #1 contender for Bray Wyatt’s World championship.

Their 10 man battle royal on Feb. 21 ended without a conclusive decision – at least for the officials and the brand’s on-screen management team of Daniel Bryan & Shane McMahon. It appeared they’d settled on a challenger for WrestleMania 33 when the two men who’d “tied” the week before, AJ Styles & Luke Harper, fought on last week’s show, with Styles emerging victorious.

But then Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton revealed he did want the Mania title shot he’d given up last month, and burned down Bryan & McMahon’s plans just like he torched Bray’s compound.

After several days of brainstorming, Shane & DB have their latest plan to figure out the blue brand’s main event at the Showcase of the Immortals – Orton and Styles will go one-on-one next week to determine who faces Wyatt in Orlando.

There are lots of questions this presents – and room for the characters to argue their case. Especially AJ, whose issues with the General Manager & Commissioner will continue since they’re not giving him the title shot he earned playing by their rules. Which likely gets us where rumors told us we were going all along for Mania – Wyatt vs. Orton and Styles vs. McMahon.

But SmackDown’s proven they can make the journey fun even when we know the destination, so I’m down.

How about you, Cagesiders?