Alberto El Patron he has his own locker room unlike most of the other talents

What's the story?

Alberto El Patron is a man who is always in the news. This time, it is believed that he has heat from the Impact Wrestling locker room.

PWInsider reports that there is a lot of heat on El Patron as he has his own locker room, unlike most of the other talents in the current roster. We thank Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.

In case you didn't know…

Alberto El Patron went to Impact Wrestling recently, with much pomp and fanfare. Even though he won the top prize at Slammiversary, he was stripped of the title soon after in light of alleged misconduct in a public setting.

El Patron made his big return to Impact Wrestling at Bound for Glory. He cut a scathing promo at the top of the show and interfered in the main event. It turns out that he may have heat with the boys, from the latest update.

The heart of the matter

All of the male talent in Impact Wrestling share one common locker room. However, it is believed that El Patron has been given a trailer and this has rubbed those backstage the wrong way. PWInsider has reported that El Patron's current contract specifies that he would have his own trailer, unlike the rest of the roster.

This is not good news, at a time when a lot of top talent has departed from Impact Wrestling.

What's next?

Alberto El Patron is unfortunately always in the thick of controversy, whether he likes it or not. Let's hope the locker room comes to terms with this development, and look past this non-issue. The need of the hour is to put Impact Wrestling back on the map again.

Author's take

In light of all the unfortunate news coming from the Impact camp, with departures and firings, this is hardly significant news. The Impact Wrestling Locker Room has always been a close-knit one, and they should not let El Patron's trailer bother them.