Aldo released a statement on Tuesday after his unsuccessful weekend…

Many individuals are ready to christen Max Holloway the greatest featherweight fighter of all time after his second victory over Jose Aldo.

After losing for only the fourth time in his professional career, Aldo released a statement on Tuesday after his unsuccessful weekend. He took to social media to address his friends, family and teammates.

“I only have to thank my family that I love for everything, and my team Nova Uniao, the best in the world, for making me great and champion, and [thank] my friends and fans that are always with me,”

Aldo posted on his official Instagram account. “Thank you all! I will be always optimistic because believing is the first step to making it happen.”

At UFC 218, Aldo took his third loss in his last four fights. Before that, he put together a 15-0 run that spanned the WEC and UFC.

After the 13-second defeat to Conor McGregor at UFC 194, many wondered if he was still the capable fighter that wrecked opponents like Mike Brown, Urijah Faber and Cub Swanson.

Aldo stepped in for this fight late notice as Holloway’s original opponent, Frankie Edgar, was forced off of the card due to a facial injury.

While this fight ended in the same fashion as the first fight and looked similar, there were key adjustments that Holloway made to lead to his second win over the Brazilian star. Holloway praised Aldo even in the wake of his victory.

“Brazil should celebrate him and they should start making statues of the guy,” Holloway said. “The guy’s a legend.”

With this defeat, Aldo dropped to 26-4. In his 13-year professional career, he’s defeated the likes of Edgar, Chad Mendes, Kenny Florian, Ricardo Lamas and many other men as he built the resume that many considered the best in the 145-pound weight class.