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The moment you’ve all been waiting for (almost.) What a heartbreaker. Watch as the cameraman pans in perfectly to capture the moment, but some producer decides to cut away instead.

Premature stoppage. Hey UFC producers, get your shit together. How are you going to cut away when two models are about to start getting nasty? The two models were at a UFC event enjoying the violence when all of a sudden the mood hit, but the camera cuts away at the worst moment. Andrea Rueda is a […]

Here Is The Full Video Of The Conor Mcrgregor Vs. Team Faber Brawl

A few weeks ago we saw a small preview of the scuffle that broke out between Conor McGregor and Team Alpha Male at The Ultimate Fighter gym. Since then, a lot has happened, namely TJ Dillashaw deciding to leave his team to go train at a new gym in Colorado. Cono “The Mystic Mac” McGregor […]

This Leaked Footage Of Anderson Silva Mocking Steven Seagal Will Ruin Their Friendship

Steven Seagal and Anderson Silva have an interesting and confusing relationship. Anderson humors Seagal and lets him hang out at his training camps, and even lets him walk out to the Octagon and Seagal pretends that he is responsible for Anderson’s victories. Frankly we’ve all wondered what the deal was. Did Anderson Silva, one of […]

Find Out Why Things Got Really Heated When This Fighter Threw a Purse At His Opponent

  The UFC: Dublin card has been an absolute train wreck so far. The high-stakes heavyweight fight, Ben Rothwell vs. Stipe Miocic, is gone. The sure-to-be-exciting fight between Dustin Poirier and Joseph Duffy? Nixed. Oh, and Conor McGregor isn’t on the card, in spite of his wishes. That’s pretty crappy, too. At least one fighter […]

Jacare Souza VICIOUSLY Knocks Out Two Training Partners In a Row

Jacare Souza is one of the scariest fighter in the UFC, full stop.  He’s the last guy that you want to go to the ground with, but he’s also been working hard on his striking. In other words, you aren’t safe anywhere inside the cage with this guy. Now that his homie Anderson Silva is […]

Weird New Training Video Shows How Conor McGregor Actually Prepares For Fights

Here’s Conor McGregor like you’ve never seen him before… kind of.  Is the pressure of the biggest fight of his career starting to get to him? He’s acting a bit strange. He’s looking kind of small too, probably getting ready for the fact that he won’t be able to use an IV to rehydrate anymore […]

Science Says 95% Of Women Who Lift Have Hemorrhoids

Forget about the bacon and cancer study, here’s the newest study that’s got everyone talking.  A new study revealed that just about every woman that lifts heavy weights has a mild-to-severe case of recurring hemorrhoids. About 4-5% of American adults are suffering from hemorrhoids right now, and about 75% will get them at some point in […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaces Donald Trump As Host Of The Apprentice

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the personification of the American Dream. Instead of Arnold running for President and Donald Trump hosting a reality show, we’re living in a bizarro opposite world where Trump is running for President and Arnold is going to be hosting The Celebrity Apprentice. It’s official, an immigrant has stolen Trump’s job.  It’ll be […]

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