Author: Josh

WWE Newcastle Live – 10 Interesting Observations

A nasty botch, a dream tag team, and a hometown hero. Of all the cities WWE visit in the UK, you’d expect Newcastle to be one of the most vocal. The North East of England is famed for its vociferous football support, and the people of Newcastle are stereotypically considered a passionate, hearty bunch. This time […]

Scientists Say the Human Fist Evolved to Punch

Naturally, that idea doesn’t sit well with many. While many still struggle with the idea that humanity wasn’t around at the dawn of time, even more are reluctant to embrace the fact that the human form evolved with inflicting harm in mind. Don’t sleep on the old school Bas Rutten palm strike, though! According to […]

John Cena Was A Shredded Bodybuilder Before He Was a Wrestler

We all know John Cena for his reign as the world’s most famous professional wrestler and for his starring roles in various films. You can tell that he lifts just by looking at him, it’s obvious, but not everybody knows that he used to be a serious competitive bodybuilder back in the day. HERE’S CENA […]

Rousey and Holm Get Into a Pretty Serious Scuffle at The Weigh-Ins

  Ronda and Holly can’t wait to get their hands on each other.    At today’s weigh-ins, things got heated. Ronda looked very rustled, but Holly just started at her with a stone-cold expression. With everything that’s going on, you have to wonder if Holly has gotten inside Ronda’s head. Holly Holm just stood there […]

Froch: I can beat James Degale

Carl ‘The Cobra’ Froch retire back in July but has always said ‘never rule out a comeback’ James Degale and Carl Froch Froch, now 38, has recently flirted with the idea of coming back and fighting for his old title. The IBF Super Middleweight belt. James Degale has currently got this belt so Froch would […]

Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas On The Current Roster

Sexy, powerful and smart. Those are the three words which the WWE uses to promote their division of female wrestlers who they refer to as Divas. While most of them are powerful and a handful of them could be considered smart, one could make the argument that each and everyone of the Divas are sexy. […]

How Rousey sets up her throw

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s bantamweight contender Holly Holm might have a chance to dethrone reigning division queenpin Ronda Rousey, if she can manage to stay on her feet and avoid the dangerous ground game of the “Rowdy” titleholder. The means to that end, is shutting down the champ’s judo attack. Longtime mixed martial arts […]

How to boost your handspeed

Boxing Science’s Danny Wilson explains how to use the landmine punch throw Benefits of the Landmine Punch Throw Landmine punches are used to develop hand speed, strength and effective mass. The throw increases the emphasis on hand speed as boxers are encouraged to accelerate all the way through the exercise by letting go of the […]