Author: Josh

Floyd Mayweather partying with a load of girls

Mr Mayweather Jr is up to it again! Upsetting a large amount of the boxing community with his flash antics. Floyd posted a video where he is throwing money around and at the camera with a bunch of female friends. Mayweather was dressed in a Hugh Hefner style robe and making it rain like only […]

Sheamus Leaves Balor with a “Brogue Print” (Photo), Tamina Offers Her Pick of the Week (Video), WWE Europe Tour Attendance Figures

Sheamus Leaves Balor with a “Brogue Print” Finn Balor and Sheamus are heading to the Notre Dame game this weekend as the following was posted on Twitter: WWE Europe Tour Attendance Figures Below are recent WWE attendance figures according to The Wrestling Observer: -November 4th in Dublin drew 8,500 fans -November 5th in Cardiff drew […]

Marines Demonstrate How To Use Martial Arts To Stop Knife Attacks And Gunmen

The Royal Marines set up a demonstration in London to show bystanders how they use martial arts in order to nullify the attacks from knife-wielding foes, and armed gunmen… The Royal Marines are trained for rapid deployment at a moment’s notice anywhere around the world, and trained to deal with a wide variety of threats […]

Watch Ronda Rousey’s Breasts Jiggle Seductively While Shadowboxing

  We have discovered the secret to Ronda’s unorthodox boxing style. Edmond Tarverdyan, her boxing coach, has spent years with Ronda working on her striking and at first glance it might look sloppy, but every movement is carefully calculated for a very specific purpose. Ronda’s boxing looks a lot different than Floyd and Mike, and […]

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker Turns into Bloodbath at Hell in a Cell

John Cena lost his United States Championship. Seth Rollins retained the World Heavyweight Championship. Roman Reigns scored a big singles win over Bray Wyatt. But sitting squarely and confidently atop the card was the Hell in a Cell match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. The expectations for this rubber match between the two veterans […]

Monster alligator turns up in Texas shopping centre

A monster one-eyed alligator that turned up at a Texas carpark was wrangled into submission by a small blonde woman who works as a dental hygienist in her day job. The 4-metre long 400kg animal, nicknamed Godzilla, turned up in the carpark of a shopping centre in the Sugar Land area of Houston on Saturday […]