Author: Josh

Weird New Training Video Shows How Conor McGregor Actually Prepares For Fights

Here’s Conor McGregor like you’ve never seen him before… kind of.  Is the pressure of the biggest fight of his career starting to get to him? He’s acting a bit strange. He’s looking kind of small too, probably getting ready for the fact that he won’t be able to use an IV to rehydrate anymore […]

Science Says 95% Of Women Who Lift Have Hemorrhoids

Forget about the bacon and cancer study, here’s the newest study that’s got everyone talking.  A new study revealed that just about every woman that lifts heavy weights has a mild-to-severe case of recurring hemorrhoids. About 4-5% of American adults are suffering from hemorrhoids right now, and about 75% will get them at some point in […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger Replaces Donald Trump As Host Of The Apprentice

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the personification of the American Dream. Instead of Arnold running for President and Donald Trump hosting a reality show, we’re living in a bizarro opposite world where Trump is running for President and Arnold is going to be hosting The Celebrity Apprentice. It’s official, an immigrant has stolen Trump’s job.  It’ll be […]

Guys Throwdown With Some Jujitsu on a packed Rio de Janeiro Commuter Train

This isn’t something you see everyday! Whilst on their daily commute, passengers on this Brazilian train were treated to some Jujitsu.   Tickets please Commuters sat shocked with a still motion as they watched each fighter trying to go for a various amount of submissions. Rio de Janeiro is surely the only place you would […]

These Bizarre Photos of UFC Ref Kim Winslow Will Give You Nightmares

Kim Winslow has taken a lot of heat from fighters and Dana White alike. She is the first female to ref an MMA bout in 2009, but has been heavily criticised for either stopping fights too soon or letting them go on for too long. People are so passionate about that because fighter’s careers and […]

Wrestling Legend Maurice Tillet Looked Like a Caveman, inspiration for Shrek

Maurice Tillet was a World Heavyweight Champion wrestler during WWII. The Russian born French American literally looked live a caveman, with massive cauliflower ears and a bizarre oversized face. He looked so gruesome that many say that the “French Angle” was the inspiration for Shrek. He’s a real character, angelic as a child, only to […]

This Karate Kid Is Having The Hardest Time Trying To Break a Twig

  He’s like a mini Chris Farley circa Beverly Hills Ninja, and he’s definitely not the Karate Kid (yet). This kid’s putting on a martial arts demo and he says that he is fueled by the power of God, but he might want to re-think that endorsement because he’s having the hardest time ever trying […]