Author: Josh

This Karate Kid Is Having The Hardest Time Trying To Break a Twig

  He’s like a mini Chris Farley circa Beverly Hills Ninja, and he’s definitely not the Karate Kid (yet). This kid’s putting on a martial arts demo and he says that he is fueled by the power of God, but he might want to re-think that endorsement because he’s having the hardest time ever trying […]

Leaked Photos of Batista in Kickboxer Reboot, Has Dreads and a Pony Tail

Batista (Dave Bautista) is a full-blown movie star. Making the successful transition from wrestling to acting puts you in good company with guys like Dwayne Johnson and John Cena. .Batista has been showing up in a lot of huge movies lately like Guardians of the Galaxy, James Bond: Spectre, and a rumored upcoming Highlander movie. […]

Kurt Angle Reveals His Surprising New Career After Wrestling

Kurt Angle will likely go down as one of the most sadistic characters in wrestling history. Remember, this is a guy who improvised a segment on SmackDown! that involved hazing prospects from Tough Enough and then beating the crap out of them (and then having a referee bail them out when things went sideways). This […]

WWE Champ Seth Rollins Suffers Gruesome Knee Injury, Vacates Title

Seth Rollins, current WWE World Heavyweight Champion and possibly the best in-ring wrestler of the last 10 years, has absolutely destroyed his knee and is expected to miss several months as a result. The WWE has announced that Rollins will vacate the title as a result. Rollins sustained the injury working a house show in […]

Brock Lesnar Was THIS Close to UFC Comeback Before WrestleMania

Brock Lensar is a scary dude. He’s also one of the most sought-after figures in combat sports today. Every company in the fight game, from the UFC to Bellator, from New Japan to Ring of Honor, from PBC to ABA, would sacrifice their CEO’s first born for the kind of money he brings in. When […]

Full WWE 2k16 Roster Announced… and It’s Still Missing Plenty of Big Names

With just a month left before release, 2K Games has finally announced the full roster for WWE 2k16. With over 100 wrestlers to choose from, it sports one of the biggest rosters in the history of wrestling games (by comparison, WWE2k15 featured fewer than 70). The list has been steadily announced over the last few months, but was not finalized until […]

Is John Cena About to Leave WWE Forever?

Like him or hate him, the WWE revolves around John Cena…for now at least. Over the last few weeks, the rumor mills have been spinning out of control and while there isn’t always co,nsistency from the various pro wrestling sources, one thing they have all agreed on is that the “Face That Runs the Place” is […]

Pics: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker Turns into Bloodbath at Hell in a Cell

John Cena lost his United States Championship. Seth Rollins retained the World Heavyweight Championship. Roman Reigns scored a big singles win over Bray Wyatt. But sitting squarely and confidently atop the card was the Hell in a Cell match between Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker. The expectations for this rubber match between the two veterans […]