Baron Corbin’s NXT TakeOver: Dallas entrance gear provides a rare look inside The Lone Wolf’s world

Plenty of statements were made at the historic NXT TakeOver: Dallas. Championships changed hands, debuts were made and war was waged at the biggest NXT live special yet.

However, the most striking fashion statement may have been made by Baron Corbin. Two days before he claimed victory in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania, The Lone Wolf strode into the sold-out Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center clad in a vest that looked like something out of Mad Max.

The custom design featured grey wolf skulls on each shoulder with their fangs bearing down, and a spine tethered together with a motorcycle chain. The eerie gear was appropriate for someone who wants to bring about the End of Days for anyone he faces. But the jacket also provided a unique look into The Lone Wolf’s personal life.

“I try to fit what I do outside of the ring with me into what I do here,” Corbin told “I want to carry a part of me when I walk to the ring. My house is filled with animal bones, some human bones and skulls, really old medical tools. I’m fascinated with that world of strange and apocalyptic stuff. Who I am is tailored into that jacket.”

Viewers of WWE Breaking Ground got a brief look into Corbin’s life when he went on the hunt for medical oddities and bone specimens during NXT’s tour through Nashville last fall. To anyone who might scoff at his unusual pursuits, The Lone Wolf has the same attitude he gives anyone who might overlook him in the ring.

“I’ve always been one of those people who don’t care what others think,” he said. “I just like what I like. There’s something about those things that make people want to turn away. It freaks them out. Something about it sucked me in.”

The Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner hopes that the vest sends a message to anyone daring enough to step in the ring with him.

“I want it to make people uncomfortable,” Corbin said. “I want it to make people nervous. I want it to intimidate my opponents or anyone else who steps in my way. They can look at that vest and see that I enjoy getting my hands dirty.”

Dolph Ziggler learned that the hard way on Raw, when Corbin drove him into the arena floor with End of Days. The Lone Wolf is hoping that the painful beating and his ominous ring gear from TakeOver will send a message to the rest of the WWE roster.

“My world is one that people don’t want to walk in,” he said. “But I enjoy taking a stroll through it.