“Basically, it was an unadvertised match…”: Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals all on Undertaker SQUASHING John Cena

The Undertaker destroyed John Cena at WWE's flagship event WrestleMania 34

The WWE legend has revealed his shock at the Phenom squashing his opponent in a match that went under three minutes.

And Austin revealed what the company’s thinking behind booking the contest would have been.

The WWE Hall of Famer told The Steve Austin show: “It was a little shocking to me with Cena calling him out for so long.

“Basically, it was an unadvertised match.

“I mean, Cena's trying to call out (Undertaker) and I kept thinking, 'there's no way, no way that he's going to get an acceptance on the day-of,' so, yeah, it was teased and they paid off the tease, but it wasn't really advertised.