Bayley Appeared On An Episode Of WWE Raw 13 Years Ago

It’s no secret at all that WWE Superstar Bayley is a lifelong wrestling fan. It’s pretty much what her entire pro wrestling character is predicated upon. There are loads of pictures of her with her wrestling heroes when she was a kid or a teen, and pretty much every day of her life as a WWE star is a dream come true for her. Heck, she even told us she was such a huge Hardy Boyz fan that she made herself the third Hardy Boy in video games as a kid.

But thanks to the wondrous WWE Network, we have something far more interesting available to us: the ability to see Bayley as a fan in the crowd way back in 2004, when Bayley was just 14 years old and had front row seats when Raw rolled into San Jose. The observation was first made on Twitter by a fan who happened to glimpse her during the May 10, 2004 show.

The fan tweeted this discovery to Bayley herself, who then confirmed that, yes, this is the genuine article.

We did our own snooping of the episode, and sure enough, here she is in the crowd, clutching a point-and-shoot camera in one hand and reaching out in vain for a Eugene high-five with the other:

This is really incredible. Thank you to the eagle-eyed fan who first saw this and brought it to our attention. If you’d like to hop in the wayback machine and watch the episode for yourself, just click here. Warning: Kane was very abduct-y at this point in time. And Matt Hardy’s shiny pajamas under strobe lights aren’t safe for anybody.



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