Bisping has stated despite two bad losses, in a row….He will finish career

Michael Bisping’s storied career might be coming to a close soon, but despite two bad losses in a row, he has declared that he would like to fight on.

Just a couple of months ago, the 38-year-old Bisping was the UFC middleweight champion. Since then though, he has been choked out by Georges St-Pierre and knocked unconscious by Kelvin Gastelum.

One man that would like Bisping to just hang ‘em up now is one of the most important parts of his crew – head coach Jason Parillo. In an interview with MMA Junkie, Parillo made it clear that Bisping doesn’t need to keep fighting, even to make money:

“In my opinion, Michael Bisping’s done enough. I don’t think Michael Bisping ever has to fight again. I think that he had such a phenomenal career – if we are just fighting for money, maybe it’s not worth it at this point. He’s made a lot of money.

He can retire and be fine for the rest of his life. He’ll never be fine just sitting around being fine. He’s going to go out and be making noise doing something else. That’s a conversation that’s going to be had over the course of time, obviously.”

Bisping has stated that he wants his retirement fight to take place in his home country of England, and the UFC has a card booked there in March. That’s not something Parillo even wants to consider right now though:

“I want to see Mike rest. I can’t even get my mind wrapped around him fighting anybody at this point. I don’t even want to think about fighting anybody right now.”

Bisping (30-9) has been in the UFC since 2006 and has compiled a 20-9 record inside the Octagon.