Boxer Sues Opponent For $5Mill For Failed PED Test… Should MMA’s Fighters Do The Same?

Boxing Heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and his promoter filed lawsuit this week against Alexander Povetkin for a reported $5,000,000.00.

The reason for the suit stems from a failed drug test for meldonium, a performance enhancing drug. Povetkin failed his pre-fight drug test one week out from Wilder’s largest payday of his career, and he and his promoter and going after cash.

Currently in MMA, USADA is suspending fighters left and right for a wide-variety of violations, and with his precedent being set by Wilder, should MMA fighters look to take the same course of action when wronged in this manner?

In 2014 a boxing match between Guillermo Jones and Denis Lebedev was cancelled when Jones tested positive for banned substances, his opponent sued and was awarded $2 Million in damages..