Brawl Involving 20 People Erupts After Conor McGregor Q & A

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor was all over the headlines again last weekend. 

On January 28, McGregor sat with Ariel Helwani for a ‘scripted’ pay-per-view interview. With 5,000 fans in attendance in Manchester, ‘The Notorious’ offered a PPV stream for fans who wanted to watch live. Before even sitting down to start the interview, McGregor had blasted his employers on Instagram. His “F*ck the UFC” post was not welcomed by Dana White, who warned the Irishman about the pitfalls of going against the UFC.

During the interview, McGregor went even further, claiming he wouldn’t be fighting in the UFC next. Referencing the Ali Act, ‘The Notorious’ said there was no way the UFC could stop him from boxing. Again the subject of Floyd Mayweather was discussed, and McGregor said this would be his next fight. Clearly making a stand against the UFC, McGregor’s comments were defiant. Some fans in attendance seem to have been just as riled up as Dana White, as per a report on Bloody Elbow.


Detective Inspector John Stainton from Stretford Police Station said: “There was a lot of confusion about what happened and how many people were involved in last night’s fighting but we are now clear that there were a maximum of around 20 people involved in the disorder.

“We are appealing for anyone who saw anything to get in touch as soon as possible. Behaviour like we saw last night is not acceptable and I’m only thankful that there weren’t any more serious injuries.”

One witness said: “Hi, just been past EventCity and there is all police in the car park, part of it is cordoned off, quite a few police vans and cars.”

What’s Next?

Having already stripped McGregor of one belt, don’t be surprised if the UFC begins suggesting the same for the lightweight belt. If ‘The Notorious’ does go against his employers, we know from past experience the UFC can seek extreme measures. With all the talk of Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, few expected Conor McGregor’s next opponent to be his employers. That said, he also claimed Dana White was ‘not his boss’ during the now infamous tirade.



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