Brother of the UFC’s Jon Jones hospitalized after using synthetic marijuana

Last night, it was reported that Chandler Jones of the New England Patriots, and brother of UFC fighter Jon Jones, was hospitalized following a pill overdose. Today, much more information regarding the incident has come to light and it is now being reported that Jones actually had a reaction to synthetic marijuana. Chris Gasper of The Boston Globe tweeted about it: put together the audio of the police and medical dispatch. Apparently Jones came into the Foxboro Police Station in a confused state, and he “required medical and mental evaluation”. One of  the officers made this statement in the audio:

“I got his keys off the kitchen table, I was able to lock the front door. If you want to just pass along to the fire, he was definitely involved with class D delta before this happened, just so they know.”

As per an SBNation article, synthetic marijuana isn’t on the NFL’s banned substance list, but can lead to a player being placed in the league’s substance abuse program. This incident comes after brother Jon’s positive cocaine test a year ago, and his confession to MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani that he was “addicted to marijuana” a few months ago.

The Patriots have confirmed that Chandler has missed no team functions and has been at practice every day.