Bullet Club Members “Invade” Last Night’s WWE Raw

In a move reminiscent of D-Generation X's invasion of WCW Nitro back in April 1998, NJPW's Bullet Club descended upon last night's WWE Raw, conquering social media in the process.

Having made an appearance at a Hot Topic store earlier in the day, Cody and Brandi Rhodes, Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, and The Young Bucks showed up at Ontario, California's Citizen's Bank Arena. They were never going to make it onto television, but the 'BCInvasion" hashtag was unavoidable, and gathered incredible steam throughout the day:-

Photo opportunities were plentiful:-

As well as marching with the fans, Cody delivered his version of Bill Pullman's speech from Independence Day:-

The Ring Of Honor Champion followed up with a potshot at Jinder Mahal:-

Though this publicity stunt probably won't go anywhere, it generated huge amounts of attention for the group. Bullet Club is already one of wrestling's most powerful brands, with their popularity stretching far beyond ROH and NJPW, but this is the first time the DX/nWo-inspired stable have gone to such lengths.