Busted: WWE legend X-Pac arrested for meth and pot

Another WWE legend has found himself in trouble — this time, it’s X-Pac that’s on the wrong side of the law.

Post-wrestling life is certainly no walk in the park, and many wrestlers find this out the hard way. The latest former WWE superstar to fall victim to this curse is none other than X-Pac.

According to TMZ, the 44-year old WWE legend — born Sean Waltman and also known by the ring names 1-2-3 Kid and Syxx — was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport this weekend. Allegedly, the former wrestler tried to sneak meth and pot through customs, and shockingly, it didn’t go over well with the Customs and Border Protection officials.

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When the officials ran his name, they discovered that X-Pac also had an outstanding arrest warrant stemming from a previous DUI.

Naturally, he was taken to jail and booked immediately.

Apparently, Waltman was supposed to do an appearance in the United Kingdom this weekend but didn’t show up. And while word was dispatched to the promoters and the fans that he was “okay,” his arrest obviously proved otherwise.

What’s more, PWInsider confirmed that the arrest of Waltman was a felony arrest and that he was released after someone (it wasn’t clear who) posted $35,000 in bond.

Waltman, for his part, took to social media to deny that he’d relapsed.

By his own admission, Waltman has had issues with substance dependence in the past, but save for medicinal marijuana use, he claimed to be “clean” for several years. Waltman has also had well-documented bouts of depression complicated by drug use.

When TMZ reached out to a representative for the wrestler for comment, they were simply told that he was “fine” but gave no other details.