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Sexy badass MMA fighter totally destroys man during training brawl

MEN and women normally compete separately at MMA, boxing or WWE wrestling bouts due to unfair physical fight advantages. But this clip shows one particular muscle man severely in need of a handicap as he gets his bum kicked by a talented MMA babe. In the video – filmed in Brazil – the bikini-clad woman […]

VIDEO|Nick Diaz party cam, still with the ladies and joined by Tito Ortiz

If you haven’t been keeping up with Nick Diaz on Snapchat, the UFC star has been recently living it up, going clubbing and partying with friends. Despite running into some trouble where a group of guys that didn’t know who Nick was and attacked him outside a Las Vegas club, the Stockton native hasn’t let […]

VIDEO | UFC strawweight Aleksandra Albu twerking things out

UFC strawweight Aleksandra “Stitch” Albu is 2-0 in professional mixed martial arts and already holds one win in the UFC. While you may not have heard much about Albu with only one fight in the UFC, The Russian MMA fighter with looks that can kill assures that she will be active soon. “I was suffering […]

Beast Mode! Felice Herrig Is Stronger Than You

Well the guys from @worldseriesoffighting convinced me to throw on a ring card girl outfit & pose with the ladies @the.emilymiller @hello_janey . This is how I decided to pose with them… Don’t judge my body right now it’s cheat week!!” Ultimate Fighting Championship strawweight Felice Herrig was looking absolutely shredded walking into her fight […]

UFC’s Viral Provocative Female Fighter Is At It AGAIN… This Time She’s Twerking — WATCH!

Do you think that when the UFC decided to add women to their roster that they knew some of the ladies would push the envelope of “sex sells”. Alexandra Albu embodies this model, having gone viral for her famous provocative training montage and now we have this. Enjoy! Тренирую жопу как обычно,ничего не поменялось 👐 […]

Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere later than usual

Season 6 just ended, but we’re already getting quite a bit of news about Game of Thrones Season 7. Today, we got a juicy tidbit straight from the mouths of showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss, who appeared on the UFC Unfiltered Podcast with hosts Jim Norton and Matt Serra. Benioff and Weiss come in […]

This Russian Sambo Master. She makes you fall in love with yourself

Vikulya Mogilnikova is starting to take the combat sports community by storm! She is the Russian Female Master of Sports in Sambo, and she has looks that can kill. If she makes the transition to mixed martial arts, how do you think she would fare? Хочу лето 😹 Видео опубликовано Victoria Mogilnikova (@victoria_urevna13) Мар 31 […]

No girls! Sexism in the martial arts

A ‘bad**s’ kickboxing bag has emerged for sale on Gumtree for ‘real men only’ after the male martial arts fan seller claimed the £59.99 piece of sporting equipment was not for ‘women or girls’. In a self-confessed sexist advert, the seller claims the six foot kickboxing bag is a ‘man’s product’ and should be for […]

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