Chris Davies is eyeing up a title shot in early 2018

Super-Middleweight Chris Davies is going the extra mile with his training as he prepares to take on a new division on the British boxing scene.

The 28-year-old started his career as a light-heavyweight and remained unbeaten in six outings but has now moved down to the weight below.

Based in London, Davies juggles his personal training business with preparation for his fight which can lead to him training up to three times a day.

And he believes that his occupation has allowed him to make the drop down in weight.

“I have to stay fit and in shape because of my job as a personal trainer,” he said. “You can’t be training other people if you aren’t in shape yourself.”

“I know I’m going to be a big super-middleweight so you have to give yourself the best chance you can.

“Why not take advantage if you can? I was making the limit with ease so we’ll see how we get on.”

The Londoner took an unorthodox route into boxing and recently decided to take his camp to America to get the best possible sparring.

“You only live once,” he continued. “I literally just got on a plane and threw myself into the environment.

“You have to put yourself in tough situations in life to see what you are made of. I know the level I want to get to so you have to test yourself.

“I managed to get some great sparring, some fantastic training with great coaches. I really enjoyed everything over there.

“I’ve been to a lot of places in America but I would 100% go over again to help me prepare.”