Chuck Liddell Reveals Who Would Be His Perfect Warm-Up Fight

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell continues to tease a possible comeback to MMA.

The rumors of his return started in May when his longtime friend Jay Glazer posted a video to Instagram showing Liddell working some vicious elbow strikes in the gym. Then talk resumed again after Liddell posted a photo to Instagram showing himself in phenomenal shape.

Liddell has not fought since June of 2010 and is now 47 years old. He decided to retire after losing five of his last six bouts, four of them by vicious knockout. As a result of the video and photo, speculation about Liddell coming back to the sport has spiked.

The former UFC light heavyweight champion has gone on record by stating that he is open to a return if the money and opponents are right. He has been throwing around an idea for a decent warm-up fight, which in his mind would be former UFC title contender and current Bellator MMA star Chael Sonnen.

“You know, people take things out of context, but I’m never going to say 100% no,” Liddell told a TMZ Sports reporter. “Chael’s an easy fight. If I was gonna come back, it’s a good one. It’s a good warm-up fight. He’s got a big mouth but not much behind it. I think that’s why he developed that WWE style.”

It should be noted that Liddell did go on The MMA Hour last week and he sounded like it was a call out of Sonnen. It will be interesting to see how all of this shakes out and if Liddell is even legally allowed to sign with the Viacom promotion.