Coach Rose: Defeat in Judo turned against the her rivals

After the defeat of the champion of the UFC knockout lightest weight category Rhonda Rosie (link is external) in a battle with Holly Holm (link is external) public and journalists MMA collapsed at her critics. Her judo coach Justin Flores works with her 11 years, and saw that she was able to cope with defeats. In an interview Justin shared his view of the incident.


“Many people, before praising Rosie, now began to attack the most popular, talented and hardworking athlete in my practice after atypical for her results. I will do my best to help her.

Holly had a great fight, but a fight many played a role. Rhonda tried to perform a takedown, she tried to run coaching setup, trying to enter into a clinch.

For athlete’s victory is a victory, but after she won the previous rivals as it affected those victories, each victory she tried to outdo the previous result. It’s impossible.

The dust has settled and all becomes clear, she will regain the motivation. I do not doubt it. I’d seen her defeat, then it seemed that the whole world collapsed, and everything fell on its head, does not make sense. But it could return to the previous level. Of course, when the competition was of a different kind. She is now under much more scrutiny of the public. But be that as it may, the defeat is a defeat by knocking out whether you or another referee announced the winner. I think she can handle it. One need only time. It will take more time than during the competitions in judo, but she can handle it.

Many times I have seen the defeat of Ronda on important judo competition that has always turned against the next opponent. I promise you that Rhonda will return with all the amendments in the skills. “