Conan Gives Conor McGregor A Good Luck Gift Ahead Of His Landmark Fight With Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor does not lack confidence heading into his fight with Floyd Mayweather later this month. He has long said he will knock out the former champion within four rounds — repeating similar claims in the video above — and has since updated the prediction to only two rounds following the approval of smaller gloves for the fight.

Now Conan and Conor McGregor have a long history on the air, with the UFC star showing off his kicking talents during a previous interview and even originally hinting at his desires to fight Floyd Mayweather on the show.

While McGregor wasn’t in the studio for this appearance, but still brought the same bravado he’s been known for throughout the build for this fight. At times it feels like he’s reciting the screenplay to the Rocky films, especially the third and fourth ones. McGregor is essentially a tiny Irish version of Ivan Drago, claiming he will break Floyd Mayweather in the ring. While I don’t doubt it could happen, you have to kinda hope both men can hash it out non-violently and possibly hold a pleasant debate on the real topics facing our planet. They have the platform to make the most of it at $99.95 in HD.

Conan also asks is McGregor fears he could get lost in the ring and revert back to his MMA skills at some point during the matchup, possibly hitting Mayweather with a kick. While he jokes that anything can happen, he puts any fears to rest. That said, if it did happen, it would top the Tyson ear bite and the Riddick Bowe riot as the most insane ending to a boxing match history.

At the end of the interview, Conan tries to see if Conor McGregor would do something for him in the fight and gifts him a pair of boxing trunks, for good luck apparently. The front features Conan looking insane and McGregor just foolishly turns down the request and gives the trunks a toss. If I were Floyd Mayweather and I saw that face coming at me in the ring, I’m fairly sure I’d just fall to the ground and start shaking until the fight ended. I’d likely do that anyway, but Conan’s face would speed up the process.