Conor McGregor knocks down coach in sparring – coach trolls Malignaggi on Instagram

Watching how Conor McGregor will genuinely fare as an out-and-out boxer is one of the most intriguing aspects of his upcoming fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Everyone knows how talented he is in the octagon but the two-weight UFC champion is heading into the Mayweather clash as the heavy underdog.

And for good reason. Mayweather may well have retired three years ago but with a record of 49-0, his burning desire to win will be as strong as it ever was.

To get to grips with the squared circle, McGregor has been in an intense training camp over the last few months.

It hasn't been to everyone's liking, though.

Paulie Malignaggi agreed to be his sparring partner but walked out after just two sessions.

Unhappy at how he was being treated, as well as the 'biased' nature of the images being leaked to the media, an angry Malignaggi decided he no longer wanted to be part of McGregor's camp.

The 36-year-old was particularly upset by one picture from their battle which showed him on the canvas.

He insisted he had been pushed down and has stuck by that stance even though footage of the incident has since been revealed.

It's still a sore subject…

Nevertheless, McGregor's coach John Kavanagh has thrown a fresh jab at the former two-weight world champion on Instagram.

In Malignaggi's absence, Kavanagh stepped into the ring to spar with the Irishman, only to be the victim of a very similar outcome.

UFC 202 – Open Workouts

The post on Instagram shows the trainer on the canvas expressing a painful grimace, while McGregor lurks over him ominously.

The caption reads: "Y'all right down there coach?" ? #notapush #winorlearn #6days #mayweathermcgregor

If #notapush is not a cheeky jibe at Malignaggi we don't know what is…

Regardless, another knockdown will only give McGregor more confidence ahead of Saturday's epic encounter.

Only then will we find out if he can actually pull off one of the biggest upsets in boxing.


"Y'all right down there coach?" ? #notapush #winorlearn #6days #mayweathermcgregor credit @ginger_beard_photos

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