Conor McGregor Said He Wanted To Fight Diaz… But Not Nate, Nick


Conor McGregor says all sorts of shit, but you can never ever necessarily tell if he’s playing mind games (trolling) or if he is sincere. In this case, it’s truly pretty difficult to tell if this is the former or the latter.

He claims he wants to fight Nick Diaz more than Nate at UFC 196. But he is stuck with Nate!

Basically saying that Nate’s brother is a better fighter than him is a good way to make Nate feel insecure, and I think it’s a calculated move by our boy, Conor.

Keep in mind, if not for Nick Diaz’s 18-month suspension for marijuana stemming from a positive test at UFC 183, he could have faced McGregor on March 5 at UFC 196.
Here is what McGregor had to say on Fox Sports Live:

“I certainly did ask when Nick’s ban is up. He’s still banned so either or is good for me. Maybe somewhere down the line I’ll probably contest against both, I feel.”
The mind games continued with this statement:

“Nick is proud of his little brother. I could see it up there. He was worried for him or something. I could see it. I had to tell him, ‘Nick, he’s doing well up here. Relax.’ But that’s his baby brother so it is what it is.”