Conor McGregor should be ‘banned for life’ according to UFC

Conor McGregor should be banned from competing for life according to a banished UFC fighter.

England's Paul Daly is not allowed to fight again after hitting Josh Koscheck after the bell sounded in a bout in 2010.

Daly has said he thinks the Crumlin man should be given the same punishment after his infamous attack on a bus in New York.

The 35-year-old told the MMA hour that McGregor "Should be treated the same as me".

He said: "What he did as a guy with his profile in the sport and for the company of the UFC, he should be banned for life, if, for what I did, I got banned for life.

“But business is business and they need him, and I like Conor McGregor and I respect him, and I respect Dana (White)’s choice. It’s a smart move.”

UFC President White announced almost instantly after the incident involving Daley that he would never fight in the UFC again.