Conor McGregor’s gym adorned with paintings of him belting Floyd Mayweather

When Conor McGregor goes to work each day at the Straight Blast Gym in Dublin, he’ll have positive visualization that will help him prepare for his hotly anticipated boxing match with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Coach John Kavanagh commissioned a large mural of McGregor landing a straight left hand to Mayweather’s chin that is on the wall just behind the ring where Mayweather will train.

The background of the mural is painted in green, white and orange, the colors of the Irish flag.

The company that painted the mural provided a statement to Yahoo Sports:

We, SUBSET, are a Multidisciplinary Artist Collective with interests ranging from Art, Marketing​,​ Music and Film to ​Finance, Hospitality and Clothing. We have a great relationship with John Kavanagh and he graciously provided us with the opportunity of producing the artwork which is now the backdrop for Conor’s preparations.

The artwork is a gift from John which will aid Conor with the visualization of his success. As it was a surprise we were required to produce it once he finished a training session on Sunday evening and before he began another training session on Monday night. We filmed his arrival and reaction to the artwork and we are currently in the process of making a short video using the footage. This will be posted online in the coming days –


Goodnight Floyd. #Notorious #Éire #conormcgregor #mural

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Photo shoot with the Champ Champ. #photography #artwork #conormcgregor

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