Following a well-publicized altercation between Cris “Cyborg” Justino and Angela Magana at the recent UFC Athlete Retreat, Cyborg has been leveled with a ton of backlash, the most recent being the loss of money from an appearance. Cyborg, however, thinks the company is simply using the altercation as an excuse not to pay her what she is owed.

The incident occurred outside the fighter hotel during the UFC Athlete Retreat. Cyborg confronted Magana about the latter’s constant trolling of Cyborg via her social media accounts. The argument quickly escalated and Cyborg punched Magana in the face. A video of Cyborg punching Magana was later released via YouTube.

Cyborg was later charged with misdemeanor battery and chastised by many, including UFC president Dana White.

Now, women specific apparel company GRRRL, has cut ties with Cyborg.

Cris Cyborg – Invicta FC“A little over a month ago we entered into a 12 month sponsorship agreement with Cris, to cover a personal appearance at our GRRRL:Live event in Las Vegas combined with an ongoing 12 month commitment through Cris’s social media channels,” read a statement on GRRRL’s website.

“Unfortunately, within a matter of hours of appearing and speaking at our event, Cris was involved in ‘battery’ of another fighter on the street outside a UFC retreat. Cris’s conduct in this regard has broadly been condemned by the fight industry and the organization by whom she is contracted as a fighter.

“As a company with representation and brand ambassadors amongst girls as young as 6, we cannot publicly condone this behavior especially as the behavior is directly in conflict with the messages Cris shared at the event, one of our speakers on cyber bullying and our company message to promote female harmony and unity.”

GRRL’s explanation sounds logical enough. It would be reasonable that the company might want to sever ties with Cyborg after such an altercation. Cyborg, however, took to her social media accounts to rail against the company, which she believes is using her altercation with Magana as an excuse not to pay her for services rendered; specifically for an appearance she made on the company’s behalf.

Cyborg appeared at a GRRRL function in Las Vegas for which tickets were sold and she was to be paid a fee. According to Cyborg, she has yet to be paid and blasted GRRRL for continuing to use her image.