Cyborg Sets The Record Straight — ‘Ronda didn’t beat anyone Gina Carano wouldn’t have’


The ongoing feud between two of MMA’s top females has been brewing for years now.  

Ever since Cris Cyborg and Ronda Rousey were in the Strikeforce promotion back in 2011 this was a fight fans have been calling for. However, Ronda has always maintained a position that she would only face Cyborg at 135lbs, which to many seemed strange considering Ronda had been fighting in the same 145lb division Cris fought in, and even higher when competing in Judo.

Turn the clock to five years later and we’re still in the same position with Rousey pretty much ignoring Cyborg and her accomplishments as the best in the world, while also not giving the fans the showdown they’ve been clamoring for. There’s no question that Rousey has also done a lot in the sport and had a fantastic run as the UFC bantamweight champion, but Cris Cyborg maintains that Ronda didn’t beat any fighter than Gina Carano wouldn’t have.