Dad Of The Year Knocks Out A Guy For Disrespecting His Daughter

These folks are on the beach trying to have a nice time but this punk starts talking trash and calling the ladies all kinds of vile names, right in front of Dad!

Poppa Bear isn’t having any of it. He steps up to the guy and tries to level with him, asking him what his problem is and why he’s acting like this. The guy just keeps running his mouth and acting like an idiot.

The guy swung at the dad, who dodged it like a boss then proceeded to put the idiot away with one punch. The guy was out cold for a long time and everyone just laughs at him.
This is a great example of a bully getting exactly what they deserve. He didn’t just ask for this to happen, he practically begged for it and that’s what makes this video so amazing.

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Source: fightstate