Though Georges St-Pierre and Michael Bisping are still holding onto hope that they will eventually meet in the Octagon, UFC president Dana White insists the fight is dead in the water.

When the UFC announced earlier this year that it had negotiated a new deal for St-Pierre to return to the Octagon, it also announced his first fight, a challenge of Bisping for the UFC middleweight championship. The timeline for the bout was open-ended, but most targets centered on summertime. 

The potential date for the fight continued to get pushed further and further back with St-Pierre eventually citing eye surgery and Bisping being slow to recover from a knee injury. White tired of waiting and instead announced that Yoel Romero and Robert Whittaker would meet in July for an interim middleweight title and declared that Bisping would then fight the winner.

Michael Bisping vs Georges St-Pierre presser face-offPulling Bisping out of the equation, White then said that St-Pierre would challenge the welterweight champion, whoever that might be, whenever he is ready to fight. The current target return for St-Pierre is no sooner than November.

Bisping and St-Pierre have both said publicly that, despite the delays, they want to fight each other. White, however, said they should just forget about it and move one. He has.

“It’s not happening. Bisping is a little banged up right now. (Romero and Whittaker) are going to fight for the interim championship and then Bisping will fight the winner,”  White said during Thursday’s UFC Unfiltered podcast.

“Georges St-Pierre will come back who knows when – November, December, or next year – and he’ll fight whoever the champion is at 170 (pounds). I’m not very confident in when GSP will return.”

If White’s doubt pans out and St-Pierre doesn’t return until next year, perhaps Bisping vs. St-Pierre could still be made. The UFC president isn’t currently entertaining that scenario though.

“I don’t wait for anybody. The world moves on. When (St-Pierre) comes back, he’ll come back, and he’ll fight whoever is the champion at 170.”