Daniel Bryan gets involved and Shane McMahon and AJ Styles aren’t happy

After Brock Lesnar kicked off a New Year for WWETV on Monday Night Raw, it was over to Team Blue to push things on last night.

With a US Title tournament match and the Tag Team titles on the line, we got plenty of important in-ring action, as well as a massive announcement ahead of this month's WWE Royal Rumble 2018.

AJ Styles has got what he wished for at Royal Rumble. A handicap match against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn… with his WWE Championship on the line
He didn't look too happy about it, but AJ Styles has brought this upon himself.

At the end of a messy main event that was as much about Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon's ongoing squabbles (which surely MUST get resolved in ring soon?) Sami Zayn picked up a big win.

Sure, he took advantage of AJ Styles getting KO out the way to find the moment for a Helluva Kick, but it was his Phenomenal rant after getting beat that gave D-Bry the opening for the shock announcement.

Rather than just ignore the rather dirty win, AJ got all pouty and shouty and called for a 2-1 handicap match against The Unlikeable Ones, and with Shane-O-Mac looking on in horror, Bryan gave him just that.

AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens AND Sami Zayn, for the WWE Championship, at the Royal Rumble.

There was plenty of pissing and moaning about the duo being "buried" on the kick-off show with their match against Breezango, even when they turned up and changed the course of the main event.

We called those "dead and buried" claims "a load of nonsense" back in November and here we are, with both men in a title match at perhaps the second-most important pay-per-view of the year.