Daniel Bryan once made Vince McMahon cut a promo about him and got a brilliant reponse

Daniel Bryan knows how to work any crowd, quickly becoming a fan favorite and driver of the "YES!" movement, even if his in-ring career may be over. 

Bryan's autobiography, Yes: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania, is an incredible volume of stories discussing his rise to the top of sports entertainment, and one fan on Reddit pointed out one of the many amazing tales included in the book.

Bryan, who worked under the NXT brand early on, was called on by Vince McMahon to give a lesson on cutting promos. The most amazing part of the story, though, is the fact that he would then call on Vince to do the same. 
The story goes that during a training session, Vince called on the wrestlers gathered to teach a class on cutting promos. Big Show and Matt Hardy started things off, then Vince called on Bryan to do the same. 

Bryan wrapped up his lesson, but then called on McMahon to stand in front of the class and perform. 

"When it was time to call somebody up to cut a promo, I named Vince," the passage reads. That's the kind of bold move Bryan's become known for, willing to go off script and challenge conventions. The topic he gave Vince, though, makes this story amazing.

"His topic: 'How great Daniel Bryan is.' Vince stood there in front of the class, silent. Then he looked me up and down, judgingly, before his face turned to various levels of disgust, amping it up as he went along," Bryan wrote.

McMahon may not be much of a wrestler, but his facial expressions have always been some of the most over the top bits of acting you'll ever see. He leaned solely on this to dissect Bryan.

"Vince never said a word for about a full minute, and then he said he was done. He went to sit back down, and I stopped him, requesting he stand up front while the class critiqued his promo," Bryan writes of the performance.  

Anybody who's watched McMahon work over the years can close their eyes and vividly imagine the many faces of Vince. Being told to discuss someone else's greatness would never fly with Mr. McMahon, and by all accounts he nailed this performance without a peep.

"I first called on Big Show, who put it over the moon. The next person did the same.
And they were right. It was great, and the whole room was laughing.

"I excused Vince to go sit down, but then he said there was a lesson there. He taught us about the importance of facial expressions and how to say something without saying anything."

The legend of Mr. McMahon will echo through the halls of wrestling for eternity.