Dillian Whyte beats Anthony Joshua just by showing up, says Hearns

By Scott Gilfoid: Former world champion Thomas “Hit Man” Hearns is saying that all unbeaten heavyweight Dillian Whyte (16-0, 13 KOs) needs to do in order to beat the highly hyped Anthony Joshua (14-0, 14 KOs) next month is for him to just show up for their December 12th fight, because Whyte already has Joshua beaten due to his previous win over him from 2009. Whyte knocked Joshua down in that fight, and got the better of him throughout the fight with his powerful left hook. Hearns thinks that the loss bothers the 6’6” Joshua.

“Tommy says that all I’ve got to do to beat Anthony is show up – because I’ve got him mentally already,” Whyte said via the mirror.co.uk. “Thomas Hearns ­actually said that to me, that all I’ve got to do is show up and fight him. He said, ‘You’ve got him mentally, you’ve fought him and beaten him’.”

I don’t know if Whyte has Joshua beaten mentally or not, but I do think he’ll likely mow him down in this fight because Joshua is really cocky now with all the recent wins he’s accumulated since he turned pro two years ago. Joshua was fighting much better opposition in the amateur ranks and struggling badly in the Olympics in winning controversial victories over Roberto Cammarelle and Erislandy Savon.

Instead of Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn looking to match Joshua up with quality fighters to improve him as a fighter after he turned pro, Hearn matched Joshua against terrible 2nd and 3rd tier fighters the way a promoter would for someone with no amateur experience at all.

The way that Hearn has matched Joshua up has made no sense because he should have been put in with better guys, because all Hearn has accomplished with the soft match-making is to inflate Joshua’s ego while keeping him from improving his stamina and talent. When you come out of the amateur ranks, you need to slowly increase stamina by going longer and longer rounds. Unfortunately for Joshua, we haven’t seen that from him because he’s been matched against a bunch of old 3rd tier fighters in their late 30s to mid-40s.

“What [trainer] Johnathon [Banks] was teaching me was working in sparring against Wladimir Klitschko, so I must have been doing something right,” Whyte said. “Wladimir was saying, ‘Johnathon, what are you showing this guy? He’s improving so much’. Emanuel Steward loved to teach footwork and a strong jab, that’s the Kronk style: an aggressive fighter with a good jab.”

Whyte shares the same trainer as Wladimir Klitschko, Johnathon Banks, who was taught everything he knows by the late great trainer Emanuel Steward. Whyte has a superb trainer in Banks, who has done a great job of slowly improving Whyte’s skills to make him a better fighter.

Eddie Hearn is going to be in a real bad situation if Whyte destroys Joshua next month, because Hearn has been counting on Joshua winning a world title since he signed him to his Matchroom Sport stable in 2013. If Whyte destroys Joshua, then Hearn will need to come up with a way of having Joshua win one of the world titles where he doesn’t have to go through Whyte in order to fight for the title.