Drunk Guy Gets Into Violent Bathroom Brawl With Gravity and Gets Knocked Out

We’ve all been here. Few too many drinks, room starts to spin… escape to the bathroom to pull yourself together. Sometimes, it’s too late.

This is how you feel, but...

This is how you feel, but…

Take this guy, for example. He’s about 8 drinks past his limit as he dances around in the washroom trying to find even a modicum of balance. At first, he’s just trying to pee. By the end of this video, merely standing would be the real victory.


… This is how you actually look.

Check out the video on the next page to see what you look like when you’re drunk, and to see what happens when it’s man vs. gravity.

Strongly encourage you to watch this video in its entirety, the KO blow doesn’t have the same impact if you skip ahead.

In hindsight, it’s better to get knocked out by yourself than to get knocked out by somebody else.