Duke Roufus: CM Punk Will Return to UFC ‘200 Percent’ Better

If Duke Roufus is to be believed, then CM Punk may do the clobbering this time.

Punk is believed to be penciled in for the UFC 225 card. The event, which takes place on June 9, will be held inside the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. While speculation has run rampant that Mike Jackson will be Punk’s opponent, that has not been made official.

Many would describe Punk as a deer in the headlights in his professional mixed martial arts debut. Punk decided his first fight would be under the UFC banner against a brown belt in jiu-jiitsu with amateur and pro experience. Gall finished the fight in the first round via submission.

So why should one believe that Punk will fare better in his sophomore effort? Roufus broke it down on The Luke Thomas Show on SiriusXM Rush 93 (via MMAFighting.com):

“200 percent [better]. I’m not even his coach. We were friends first before we did this. I would not do this with anyone else except for my friendship with him from before he decided to fight. He’s just one hell of a guy. He’s a celebrity but he’s different than a lot of celebrities I know. Great guy. He works his ass off. He’s very well-liked on our team and he’s improved a lot.”