Eric Bischoff on How to Make Wrestling Cool Again


On his latest podcast Eric Bischoff was joined by John Morrison and the two spoke about how to make wrestling cool again.

Bischoff on how to make wrestling cool again:”My response when people ask me, “How do you make wrestling cool again?” The fact is you can’t force that. It does have to happen organically.

 Certain things have to go along with that. There has to be certain opportunities and investments.

 All of that kind of thing. It’s really interesting to me, right now at this stage in my career, you start to see Wrestle Circus and other independents really emerging with a cool factor all of their own that’s completely all their own. It’s a very organic cool factor as opposed to a cookie cutter cool factor.”

Morrison on wrestling as art: “This may or may not be what it is but I think that part of it is the classification of wrestling as art as opposed to people thinking wrestling is real or predetermined.

 Then MMA came along and wrestling now kind of just exists in the WWE. 

They’ve been the only game in town. With this new classification of wrestling as art it opens the door to make wrestling cool again. Make it something that can be appreciated on a different level. I think you’re right, too. If anyone forces it to be cool, well, that’s not how it works (laughs).”