Fan captures brilliant moment The Undertaker appears from under ring on RAW

Something WWE fans have watched growing up is the mystery that surrounds The Undertaker, the unique aura he has and although we know he’s not actually a dead man, you can’t help but feel invested in the character.

That’s probably the case more so this year, especially with rumours suggesting that not only could he lose at WrestleMania 33 this Sunday, but it could mark his final match in the company where he could officially retire at the Grandest Stage of Them All.


Then again, we’ve heard that for years now and he always manages to come back. So, we’ll believe it when we see it.
One of the most notable parts of The Phenom’s act we have witnessed over the years in almost every rivalry he’s been in is his knack of mysteriously appearing in the ring.

Rather than going through the whole lengthy entrance, usually, the lights go off for a brief moment, and then when they turn on The Deadman is standing inside of the ring, either face to face or behind his opponent.

Well, Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet tweeted what every fan usually thinks when The Undertaker appears in the ring, and one fan on the front row kindly obliged by providing footage of how it’s done.

The Undertaker met Roman Reigns on Monday Night RAW this week for the final time before their match in Orlando on April 2, but Vincent Michaels has shown how he got into the ring to stand face to face with The Big Dog.

As you’ll be able to see in the video below, The Phenom quickly rushes out of from under the ring and accidentally kicks the poor camera guy in the face at the three-second mark.

He then gets into the ring before another worker hands him a microphone before composing himself as the lights turn on.

Everyone knows this is how it goes down, but it’s still interesting to see how quickly the turnaround is and what goes into making it happen, even if he did accidentally kick the camera guy in the head, and the reaction on Twitter said it all.

This only raises more questions, though, what the hell does he do under there? And how long was he there for?