Fan passes away at WWE Live Event in Portland, Maine

Based on a report from WNW, a fan attending a WWE RAW Live Event in Portland passed away this evening.

 According to the report, a fan in the corner stands fell out of his seat to the floor as the second match of the night was beginning.EMTs proceeded to clear the area as much as they could before moving the unidentified man out of the stands and to the nearest flat area of the arena, in front of the elevator specifically for handicapped use. The responders then began administering chest compressions for what was described as about twenty minutes. 

They then rushed the gentleman away on a stretcher.  As the EMTs were attempting to save the gentleman’s life, police searched the man’s chair and around it. Fans in attendance were said to be speculating that they were searching for drug paraphernalia.  

Through an update given by an unnamed responder – who was one of the first to respond to the fan when he fell down – it has been learned that the unidentified gentleman has passed away.