Fans feel Holly Holm got robbed of rightful rematch with Miesha Tate

Dana White and Co. have vowed to make UFC 200 the most talked-about event they’ve ever put on.

So far, so good. But all the talk isn’t good, particularly after the UFC announced Miesha Tate will defend her title against Amanda Nunes.

Naturally, there was a lot of talk on Twitter that Holly Holm got snubbed by not getting the rematch she asked for, particularly when Conor McGregor got the rematch with Nate Diaz that he wanted.

However, Tate dismissed the idea that Holm deserved a rematch.

“The fight with Holly, you know … it was her first defense and she was not successful and it’s not like she was a longtime reigning champion and I finished the fight,” Tate said Wednesday on “UFC Tonight.”

Many fans disagreed, though.