Floyd Mayweather surprisingly defends McGregor’s trash talking

Floyd Mayweather has called for more trash talking and defended the offensive language used by himself and Conor McGregor in the build-up to their mega fight next month.

Despite seemingly crossing the line on more than one occasion with the Irishman on the microphone during their recent press tour, the 40-year-old suggested that the world of combat sport needs more trash talkers like McGregor.

“I like that he’s got confidence. That’s the confidence that we need. We need more guys (like that),” Mayweather said as per Boxing News.

“They say he’s brought the ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd back. We need more guys like the ‘Money’ Mayweather, the ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather, the Conor McGregor, we need guys to be more aggressive to one another, to be trash-talking to one another. That’s what combat sports need.”

Mayweather has spent much of his career as the primary trash-talker. With a nickname like ‘money’, it was easy for the American to play the cocky, brash villain who would boast about his wealth. In the latter stages of his career, though, he appeared to take a somewhat more withdrawn approach to trash talking his opponents.

But his clash with McGregor has reinvigorated his outspokenness and Mayweather insists it’s for the best.

He added: “I’m the best at this. Trash-talking, I’m the best at it. When he’s out there saying his piece, speaking from the heart, taking shots at me, I don’t say anything. It’s called respect. And then when it’s my turn to speak, he’s constantly interrupting me. My thing is this; treat people how you want to be treated.

“It’s obvious that I’m pushing buttons and he’s not able to push my buttons. It’s different than any other opponents in that he can’t out-talk me. As far as in the fight game, whether it’s the octagon or boxing ring, I’ve got a high IQ.

“I’ve come across a lot of trash-talkers. At the end of the day he’s not bad. We’ll rank him number two; I’m number one. He’s not bad.”

The pair have stopped off in four cities – Los Angeles, Toronto, Brooklyn and London and each press conference has been about each man trying to embarrass and outdo the other.

Their fighting styles may differ, their levels of experience might too, but here we have two of the best and most entertaining trash-talkers in the game. If it’s your thing, don’t look away now. The best is surely still to come.