Floyd Mayweather’s new $ 25.5m mega mansion is absolutely ridiculous

Conor McGregor berated Floyd Mayweather for his alleged money problems in the lead up to their fight — but I’m looking real hard at these photos and I don’t see any issues with dollar.

The boxing star is showing off his new $25.5million mega mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

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It comes with a wine cellar, cinema room and candy shop (and if you look close, you can see all the Reese’s chocolate bars hes bought with your pay-per-view money).

To be fair, it looks like he’s spending his cash pretty well. His net-worth now stands at $340million.

The pricey pad is just a thin slice of the hundreds of millions he won defeating McGregor in the hyped-up Las Vegas fight last month.


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