“For my family and friends to have fun”: Conor McGregor shuts down amusement park for family outing

UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor shut down an Irish amusement park so his friends and family could enjoy the rides without the crowds.

Just when you thought UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor couldn’t throw around his money anymore, he closes an entire amusement park so his family doesn’t have to wait in lines.

“I opened up Funderland tonight, for my family and friends to have fun on this fresh January Monday,” McGregor wrote on his official Instagram page. “The Monday blues are just a day and a colour.”

McGregor took over Winter Funderland, a traveling amusement park which operates in Dublin, Cork, Belfast, Limerick, and Galway each year. The park posts roller coasters, two Ferris wheels and more than 15 other rides. The official Winter Funderland website lists the attractions as Jubilee Giant Wheel, Jungle River Roller Coaster, Take Off, Waltzer, Snow Jet, Avalanche Miami, Dodgems, Kiddie Rides, Hollywood Walk-Through and Wild Mouse Roller Coaster.

McGregor shared photos of at least five cars lined up to deliver his family to the park.

He also included an invitation to his training partner Ciaran Maher and his family, including a son who is recovering from a heart problem.

McGregor is easily the highest paid fighter in UFC history having broken records for his UFC 205 paycheck which is rumored to have been at least $15 million after endorsements and pay-per-view buys.

He is rumored to have made $30 million for fighting Floyd Mayweather in August, before endorsements. He was ranked on the list of highest-paid athletes for both 2016 and 2017.

He has not fought in the UFC since November 2016, when he beat Eddie Alvarez to become the first-ever UFC fighter to hold two belts in two weight classes at the same time.

He is rumored to be returning to the cage this year, though no clear opponent or time frame has been given.



This is a happy young man in the midst of it all! God bless this life. Truly god bless.

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The only Q in the place.

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