Former UFC Title Challenger Latest To Drop Mike Dolce


One of the biggest struggles for a fighter during fight week isn’t making it to fight-night injury free, but rather cutting weight.

Some fighters cut anywhere from ten to thirty pounds in order to make the limit for their weight class and even with expert help they miss the mark.

Former UFC Welterweight Championship challenger Thiago Alves gave Mike Dolce reigns on his weight-cut process for his “UFC 205” lightweight bout against Jim Miller. It appears as if Dolce was not up to par with Alves’ expectations, however, as he is allegedly off weight. Alves has chosen to give Dolce the axe:

Mike Dolce is known as one of the best nutrition guys in the MMA game, but as training facilities evolve and more and more camps internalize, the need for experts like Dolce starts to dwindle for many. Dolce still represents the biggest star in the sport in Ronda Rousey, has sold millions of books helping countless thousands to live healthier lives and is sought out in waves by several UFC fighters for guidance and assistance.