Former WWE Superstar says he’d break JBL’s neck if he returned to the company

After recent bullying allegations, former WWE Champion and current SmackDown Live commentator JBL isn't the most famous guy amongst his peers at the moment.

Layfield is believed to be who is to blame for beloved SmackDown Live Live commentator Mauro Ranallo's departure from the company after news broke that the pair's relationship was a bit rocky backstage. Ranallo, however, has since stated that his departure from the company has nothing to do with JBL.

Former WWE Superstar and Tag Team Champion Rene Dupree recently did an interview with Hannibal TV to discuss JBL's bullying allegations and had an interesting comparison for the man from Texas (quotes via Wrestling Inc.):

"Go watch the movie Dazed and Confused.

"It has a character played by Ben Affleck, who basically flunked himself out of high school for the sole purpose that he can come back and haze the young kids coming from junior high and hit him with the stick.

"That's the best description I can give of JBL."

Dupree also stated that JBL gets people to do 'his dirty work for him':

"He never personally does anything but he gets like people under him, like the military a lower ranking person, to do his dirty work for him."

As for what Dupree believes happened between JBL and Ranallo, Dupree says Mauro may not have fit the WWE's 'mold':

"Again, like I described earlier, there are certain tests to test certain people. Maybe he doesn't fit the mold because he's not a wrestler, he never came from a wrestling background.

"The guy's very talented so perhaps there is a lot of jealousy in this business. Again, he's been there a while and is higher rankings.