Frankie Edgar decisions Cub Swanson on the feet, calls for winner of Holloway-Ortega

Featherweight contenders Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar faced off again tonight (Sat., April 21, 2018) from inside the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, live on Fox Sports 1. Their previous fight in 2014 had been a lopsided beatdown in favor of Edgar, snapping Swanson’s six-fight win streak and dashing his title aspirations. Both men were looking to bounce back from tough losses to Brian Ortega, Edgar losing via the first knockout loss of his career. Edgar’s loss was worrying to some coming into this bout because it happened in March, making this the fastest turnaround of his career. His father also had passed away the week prior to this bout, making for a lot of X-factors in this one.

Cub got the boos during Bruce Buffer’s announcement, as this was Frankie’s home turf. Naturally, Edgar got equally loud cheers.

Cub opened with a couple noncommittal jabs. Edgar was looking to pressure forward, looking for his quick combinations. Swanson stepped in with a right hand to the body, which Edgar countered with a flurry of hooks. Edgar landed a body kick. Swanson threw a hook and circled, trying to avoid the pressure. Edgar stepped in with three right hands in a row. Swanson landed a body jab, doubled up on it and they traded right hands. Edgar landed a nice right hand that seemed to shake Swanson and pushed him to the cage. Swanson avoided the takedown but ate another hook on the break. The commentators started talking about how Swanson would need to be busier if he were to win rounds. Swanson landed a jab. Edgar slipped on a high kick, nearly grabbed Swanson’s leg stepping back up. Swanson landed a jab but ate the right hand counter. Swanson landed a leg kick and then a spinning wheel kick upstairs at the end of the round.

The second round began with Swanson jabbing, then landing a nice hook counter. Edgar came forward, dropped his hands to mimic Cub after eating a jab, landed a right hand. Edgar tried for the knee tap, landed a punch as Swanson fended it off. Swanson threw a jab, ate a leg kick that spun him around. Swanson fended off another takedown, landed a daring right hand. Edgar got aggressive, Swanson eating a right hand after numerous feints. Swanson gave up a body lock but was able to break it and get away immediately. Swanson jabbed, ate another leg kick. Edgar landed a hook off his right hand. Swanson checked a leg kick. He landed a low calf kick of his own. Swanson blocked a jumping switch kick. Swanson tripled up on his jab, ate a hook. Swanson slipped throwing a right hand, fended off a knee tap, landed a couple big hooks. Edgar feinted and landed a side kick to the knee as the round ended.

Swanson fended off another takedown but ate one of Frankie’s very quick hooks. He jabbed at Frankie and ate a left hook. Swanson landed a leaping right hand. He was pressuring now, feinting at Edgar. Swanson connected on a right hand. Edgar came back with a combination of his own. Swanson ate a big hook and missed his counter hook. He landed a body shot but Edgar connected upstairs. Edgar caught a leg kick and ran in with a takedown attempt, putting Swanson on the cage. Cub worked hard and finally freed himself. Edgar landed a leg kick. Edgar threw up a couple lead leg head kicks. They traded punches as Edgar stepped forward. Swanson landed a right hand and they traded in the pocket. The fight came to an end, with marked improvement from Swanson over the first fight, especially in regard to his takedown defense. Edgar managed to outwork him standing, however.

Swanson applauded the result as the scorecards were read. Edgar got a massive cheer from the crowd, saying that this is the first fight his kids have seen. He said that he saw the statistic that only 13% of fighters with a quick turnaround time win after a KO loss, and said he doesn’t believe in that stuff. He said he would like to fight the winner of Max Holloway vs. Brian Ortega, which happens this summer at UFC 226.