Gail Kim Speaks On Her Controversy W/ Stephanie McMahon & Who Is The Best Women’s Wrestler In WWE

Gail Kim recently spoke with Dave LaGreca & Bully Ray on the “Busted Open” podcast and the two parties discussed Stephanie McMahon’s comments about who started the Women’s Revolution, who Gail thinks is the best Women’s wrestler is right now & more.

Here are the highlights:

Gail Kim On A Potential WWE Return: Gail noted that she may be past her prime due to injury issues and that she would love to wrestle Charlotte in the future. Also, that she’d never say never to a potential WWE return but her loyalty lies with Impact Wrestling.

Her Controversy W/ Stephanie McMahon’s Comments Regarding Regarding The Women’s Revolution:

“When I saw that it’s kind of frustrating because, yes, I feel Hunter did do a lot for women in NXT, they did revolutionize Women’s Wrestling by using the power of social media. But before that the ‘Evolution’ of Women’s Wrestling came from Impact Wrestling/TNA. 

Charlotte, Sasha, Becky and Bayley, they’ve pretty much put their mark on the business. I support those girls a hundred percent, a million percent. Those girls are doing what I wanted to do back then.” 

“Charlotte Flair, the way she’s progressed over the years, in her confidence, her gear, everything, she’s now the complete package. And mind you because we’re in a business, we hear about people and their work-ethic, their personalities, whether they’re well-liked and respected and that plays a factor into everything. Really good girl, you know she’s got hard shoes to fill. The people who come as successful second generation wrestlers, it’s just hard for them to fill those shoes and she has done an awesome job. I mean that would be a dream match for me.”